Why Do People Like Our Vintage T Shirts?

When you wear one of our designed vintage t shirts, you get a different vibe. You get transported into a time and location of the place on the t shirt. You also instantly get the look and well-worn feel of a vintage t shirt that's friendly to the environment and ready to work with your fashion taste.

Authentic Vintage T Shirt Design

When you have a vintage t shirt from Remember The Tees, you get an era-defining icon of Milwaukee reflected in the design of the times. Whether you own a best-selling Red Carpet Lanes t shirt or Coffee Trader t shirt, you get a feel for the details that made it popular. 

Worn-In T Shirt Feeling

A Remember The Tees t shirt already feels worn-in and soft the moment you put it on. There is no need to wash it multiple times, although our tees get comfier with time. People expecting the stiff cotton of a new t-shirt may not like this, but our tees stay soft and durable over time. 

Environmentally Friendly T Shirt Print

We use water-based prints that are much more eco-friendly than standard printing methods. Water-based prints also add to the softness of the t shirt, while standard t shirt prints feel like a manila folder is attached to the fabric. The water-based print helps your t shirt feel cozy and will gently fade after many washes to give that genuine vintage look.

 An "Aged" T Shirt Out Of The Packaging 

Everybody has their particular style, and Remember The Tees vintage t shirts have an aesthetic that can go in any wardrobe. Whether your style is urban, fashion-forward, hipster, or rugged, one of our t shirts will add a unique retro appeal to your fit. You don't need stylistically aging. Your t shirt is good to go when it arrives. 

 Vintage T Shirts Women

Vintage T shirts offer an evergreen style for women that make the fashion cut no matter how they wear them. Here are some tips for extra style points:

  1. Tuck it into cargo pants or jeans, or let it out. Slide on your favorite sneakers or loafers, and you're ready to rock with a fashionable look. 
  2. Settle on a faux crop top and tie it up, or tuck the hem into your bra and showcase your top with a pair of high-waisted, straight-leg jeans. Don't forget the jewelry. 
  3. Snag a blazer to wear over one of our tees to give your street style some structure.
  4. Show it with a leather jacket or skirt. It's the way to dress up a vintage t shirt with some edge.

 Vintage T Shirts Men

Men can get extra style points too with some considerations. Here's what we recommend:

  1. Wear fitted if you want to show off those pecs, but feel free to go one size up from your usual fit. Exchange your slim size for a looser fit and watch how it transforms your look. Then, you're golden with whatever you pair it.
  2. Grab a jacket to pair with a slimmer fit vintage t shirt and you'll create a refined casual appeal. Pair with tailored fit jeans and loafers.
  3. Wear fitted and tuck it into jeans. Pair it with your favorite boots and thick leather belt for a rugged look.

 Ready to get noticed? Shop now for tees of vintage venues that remind you of the best memories.



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