A Lifetime of Milwaukee Memories - You can wear

The Pharmacy Collection is Back

Featuring the iconic “Oriental Drugs” sign.
Oriental Pharmacy, symbolized East Side bohemian lifestyle.
The lit letters signified one of few places open 24 hours and a crossroads of Milwaukee's East Side.
Hayek, Riggleman's on Downer and Pill and Puff fill out the collection.
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Pill & Puff

Pill & Puff stores, founded by Al and Lou Stein, originated in Milwaukee on Wisconsin Avenue.
The stores, and became a familiar site throughout Milwaukee in the 70s.
 We remember them for their distinct and attractive orange signage
The stores were a niche retail concept and started the trend in the Midwest.
We love the subversive and counterculture context of the Pill & Puff name today compared to its original intention of appealing to mainstream customers.
A great read on Pill & Puff and retail business in the old days by Sanford Stein can be found here:
“Retail Schmetail: One Hundred Years, Two Immigrants, Three Generations, Four Hundred Projects”
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The Classics

The shirts Remember the Tees was built on.
Check out our full classic Line. These are the places that we all remember so fondly.
Pharmacies, Bakeries, Supper Clubs, Concert Halls, and Bowling Alleys.
Are we missing one? Contact us with your idea and you could win free stuff!

Milwaukee History Collection

Venues and Hangouts do not exist by themselves. They need people and events to give them the character and meaning for us to even care to wear.
This collection celebrates some of the most iconic and wonderful people Milwaukee has had to offer.
-The Crypto Outbreak of 1993
-Invention of the Typewriter
-Clock Towers and more
History 414

Re-Tees for the Re-Launch

100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed, made from reclaimed material that otherwise could end up in a landfill.
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Featured Items


Did you know Milwaukee was the birthplace of the QWERTY typewriter?
Inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes, moved to Milwaukee to begin writing for a local paper and decided he needed a better way to keep up with the workload. So, he could drink more beer of course.
Show your MKE pride and teach History 414in style.
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Gelndale's Family Fun Center

OnMilwaukee.com did a great story on classic Milwaukee Bowling lanes not too long ago.
The photo from this article reminds us all of the beacon that was the Echo Bowl sign.
My parent's home was just a block behind the lanes. I spent a million hours inside and out.
This is the reason Remember The Tees is still here. This one connection.
Read more about my life as a Pin Chaser here or buy one of these great shirts today.
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What about the Beer!

If you don't have Beer you don't have Milwaukee. Or is it the other way around.
Explore some of the great breweries that helped make Milwaukee Famous.
Miller and Pabst were not the only purveyors of the golden nectar.
And these brewers were innovators that would make any craft brewer of today proud.
Wear one of these to your next Beer Garden event and look good while teaching HIstory 414.
Check out this story on the beer can came to be.


Milwaukee Pride