About Us

We started Remember The Tees because we had too few tee shirts from vintage places we loved. “Where was the comfy tee from the store where as kids we could buy a joyous amount of candy and a malt if we wanted?” Anyone? Nope.
So, we decided to create a new shirt of that vintage store that looked and felt like we always had it. Then we thought of another place and another place. We have quite a list already and working to release new designs of favorites each week.
We love each tee. Every one signifies the original vibe of the venue. We research designs and slogans to make sure our shirts reflect the genuine style. Finally, our printing method provides an aged look without disrupting the feel of our beloved triblend fabric.
We like to Remember The Tees and wear one to relax while we drift back to special times. We hope you will join us.
— The Team