Frenchys Basic

Frenchys Basic

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Drift back to a crisp fall evening on the lower east side. Your reservations are for 8:00 PM at Frenchy's; Chef Paul LaPointe's quirky supper club you have been told you must try!

You and your date enter to the luxurious sounds of the Red Feather Trio and their new hit Frenchie's Boogie. Chef Paul is gladhanding and running the show,

The waitresses are dressed like French maids and on the menu tonight: 

Deep South Raccoon 6.25
As traditional as hog jowels and hominy grits. simmered in cream sauce
Norwegian Reindeer Steak 7.00
served sauteed and served with hunters sauce and wild rice
Wild African Lion - direct from Veldt
Rib and Loin 11.50 Raggout 7.75 Savory Lion Steak 7.00


Who couldn't of these great Frenchy's Tshirts.


  • For best fit, we recommend ordering one size larger than normal.
  • Wash your tee inside out in cold water with a light detergent before wearing.